World Record Truck Jump


Bryce Menzies has just set the world record for longest jump completed by a truck. This crazy video was uploaded by Red Bull recently and has taken the internet by storm.

The daredevil made history by jumping his off-road truck 379.4 feet over a New Mexico ghost town.

The project, entitled “Bryce Menzies New Frontier powered by Pennzoil Synthetics,” saw Menzies launch ramp-to-ramp in his Pro 2 (two-wheel drive) race truck, soaring past the official Guinness World Records distance record of 301 feet as well as the unofficial record of 332 feet.


Watch the stunt in the video here:

This stunt was a long-time-coming. Menzies has trained for years for the chance to attempt to break a world-record. And all that training paid off.

Watch the full documentary to get a picture of all that it took to achieve this great airborne stunt.