Recent Travel Adventures

World Record Truck Jump


Bryce Menzies has just set the world record for longest jump completed by a truck. This crazy video was uploaded by Red Bull recently and has taken the internet by storm. The daredevil made history by jumping his off-road truck 379.4 feet over a New Mexico ghost town. The project, entitled “Bryce Menzies New Frontier … Continue reading World Record Truck Jump

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Most EPIC Wheelie


Check out the longest wheelie ride you’ve ever seen. Epic! Nice! More: If you wanted a NOSE-wheelie, look no further. Check out the video below, in which a world-record-attempt is made on the endo.

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BMX in the Forest


In the dark forests of South Wales, two BMX pros built their dream ramp. Meet Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade, two bikers who love shredding huge ramps. They were given an opportunity every BMX pro can only wish for: build the biggest ramp-set they can dream up. The result is this amazing big-air session, in … Continue reading BMX in the Forest

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Biking the Mall


This ain’t your your average trip to the mall… A mall in Budapest was recently host to one of the most unique displays of extreme sports ever seen. The shopping center was transformed into an arena for BMX, complete with a huge spine ramp, log bumps, and lots of steep inclines. Watch from first person … Continue reading Biking the Mall

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